I am Georgie. There is nothing special about me. I am what you might call an average kind of person – married with four children and a dog. I do the typical mum things taking the children to their clubs, helping my husband run our business and do the usual things you would expect from the average person. However I have developed a passion for trying to help the homeless where I can.

In August 2017 my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with a meal in the restaurant where we had our first date and afterwards we went to buy a present for ourselves from Highcross Shopping Centre.

On the way from the restaurant to the Highcross it dawned on me that I had walked straight past a young man in the doorway of one of the local stores. He had quietly been asking if any passers by had any spare change. I am ashamed to say it didn’t even register he was there – until I heard him say “I hope you have a good evening”. That struck me hard and as I was shopping I felt worse and worse as I had basically ignored him – as had everyone else – and he still wished the best for me and them. On the way back to the car we diverted back to him and gave him some money towards food or a hot drink and it was like a light had gone on in my mind. His smile lit up my heart, his gratitude sparking my mind into action.

This gentleman who had nothing, who was being ignored by everyone walking past him, still had a heart, manners and wanted the best for people. His entire demeanour made me want to help wherever I could and he is the person I think of whenever I am feeling down. He helped me realise that, even with nothing you are still someone and deserve to be treated as such – with kindness and respect.

Since then my involvement has grown, I have collected items, I have helped at the food kitchen, I have stopped and chatted to those who are sitting huddled in the street and, during all that, I have discovered that there is a need for basic information for members of the general public who want to help but may not have the time, finances or energy to actively be involved. This is why Right To Be Heard was born – to lift the voices of those who need help up to those who can offer help by means of this information website and, along with my husband helping me, I hope to fill that need

It is not designed to replace any of the in depth sites out there. They do an extremely important job of holding the much more detailed information needed to help the homeless, vulnerable and needy off the streets and supported in the long run with issues such as benefits and rights. We are hoping to act as a gateway to all those resources and to bring all the various groups offering help together under one umbrella. We’ll be bringing you stories from behind the scenes, of the acts of kindness and the events and drives that take place to raise awareness, funds and supplies.

Together we can give a voice to the voiceless.